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General Counsel on Demand

Your Situation:


As a growing company you find yourself in need of an in-house lawyer. However it might be a while before you will be able to afford or need a full-time in-house counsel. 

Sending everything that looks like it could use some legal advice to your outside lawyer might not be an optimal solution. 

With big law firms you will often find the scope of comments are not necessarily representative of the importance of the actual questions asked. This results in frustrations, wasted time and high legal fees. And it might make you stop asking questions. 

Your trusted external go-to lawyer on the other hand, might be less convoluted in his advice but will find it more difficult to fit in regular meetings due to his busy schedule. 

You need access to a lawyer who knows your situation and can respond quickly and effectively.

It is time consuming having to write emails to describe every problem before you even get some advice and not a good use of your time.  A discussion is so much easier, and quicker. 

And neither the big law firm specialists, nor your trusted company lawyer or boutique firm can give you a seasoned broad in-house lawyer's perspective. 

You are stuck between a rock and a hard place and need a simple, elegant solution.


Your Solution:

I am your in-house counsel on demand. 

I come in for half or full days at a time and I do this as often as you need. 

Consider me your dedicated part time general counsel, just with more flexibility as well as 20 years of experience. 

When I come in, I help you with legal triage - identifying what needs attention. That means a first line assessment on any issue,  pragmatic advice on the spot and structured advice on how to move forward. I also have  a large network of specialists for any kind of oncoming projects where expert support is required. 

I keep my client base small so that I have the availability to spend time with you regularly and can keep up to date with your business. 

Once we start working together, no lengthy introductions or long explanations of your business will be necessary. 

Every time we meet, we can get straight to it and address your needs. 

On occasions you may still need to engage specialist outside lawyers, but I can do the coordination for you and make sure you are spending the right amount of time and money with the right people on the right topics!


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