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Legal Strategy and Governance

You have a corporate challenge coming your way? Congratulations!

You are facing a legal or governance challenge? Lets assess and address it together.

Successful companies that are growing fast are met with greater opportunities and more complex challenges at a faster and faster pace! Especially for SMEs and Startups.
Every new project, be it a financial transaction, an M&A deal, an expansion, a re-organization or any other big challenge is a new milestone. It could also feel a little bit intimidating. Operating outside the comfort zone is exhilarating, over-extending oneself however can be very frustrating and expensive. Therefore it is crucial to get things right from the start.

You need to assess what you have and discover what you need. You will also need to define the right structure, both legally and in terms of people and tools.  Last but not least you will need to navigate the change and unlock the right mindset.
In doing so you will steer the project to success optimizing your budget with peace of mind and an engaged team.

Project Setup Advice: Service

Your Options

Brainstorming Session

Let's start with spending a couple of hours to explore your corporate project, have a discussion about requirements and resources.


Online or On-site

Analysis + Structure

Should we decide to work together, we will dig a bit deeper into the Project Requirements.

We will do a structural analysis of the resources already available and determine what resources need to be added.

We will go on to define the setup of the Project Group and Project Structure.

Online and/or On-site

Full Project Support

You get availability throughout the project to bounce ideas, discuss issues, pick and/or monitor external providers and help mediating internal and external conflicts. I can also serve on the Project Steering Committee if desired.

Online and/or On-site

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