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what people I worked with have to say about me

I had the pleasure of working with Oliver for more than six years in various transactions and legal assignments we have been entrusted with during the period he was acting as General Counsel for one of our traditional clients - from corporate and commercial matters to complex banking & finance and M&A projects. It was always very nice to see his personal approach and direct implication in supervising and managing the respective projects legally wise and not only. His legal and business knowledge are qualities I always appreciated while the direct and warm team approach was always welcome.

Bogdan C, Stoica - Partner, Popovici Nitu Stoica & Asociatii

Oliver is one of the rare corporate lawyers who builds his advice on knowing the business inside out. During the years of our cooperation I never saw him to take the comfortable route of litigation before he exhausted all other avenues leading to a better and faster solution for the business.

Jan Kadanik - CEO of Ameropa Group (at the time)

Over the past couple of years, Oliver, was involved in many projects together with the Ameropa.
He is a very reliable person at all times and he is always very diligent and thorough. He didn't shy away from difficult situations, and he knew how to remain level­headed and cooperative: he would take initiative, have a hands-on approach and use its creativity and out of the box thinking to find solutions, that satisfied the interests of all parties concerned.
He grasped very demanding, complex assignments quickly and easily, and applied his existing knowledge effortlessly. He coped with heavy workload at all times and always met the given deadlines. Moreover, his work achievements were far above average in terms of both quality and quantity.
He worked extremely well as part of a team. His behavior towards internal and external partners was always irreproachable and exemplary. Overall, he performed exceptionally well at all times, exceeding our high expectations…..sometimes till 6 am in the morning !!!
We would like to thank Olivier for his very good contribution and wish him all the best and good luck for the future, both professionally and personally.

Mihai Anitei - Country Manager at Ameropa

I've worked with Oliver for more than three years. Oliver combines Knowledge, with Capabilities and Social intelligence while getting things done. And he is fun to work with!!!!

Babette Harnisch - General Counsel Ball Packaging Europe (at the time)

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